Why can’t I just heal myself?

I want to just help myself!  This is the perennial struggle. We want to take charge and get ourselves back together and yet we feel so unable to do so. I have good news. There is a reason why you can’t just help yourself, but you can help yourself in many ways that will enable you to get the help you need, keep you moving between sessions, and bring a cohesive, holistic approach to your healing.

First, Why is it so hard to help ourselves. We all have blind spots where we can’t see ourselves. Even the best of us need others to reflect what is going on in the blind spots. We are like guitars that tremble to the tuning fork and reflect back those things that resonate with us. When you are in the middle it can be very hard to see the reflection from the outside. Think of it as color and light. When you see red, it is not because that item is red, it is because red is the one color that is not being absorbed and reflects back. The item, if we were to red reflectiongive it human characteristics, wouldn’t feel red but would feel all the other colors that were being absorbed. Yet it is reflecting off the red and that is what everyone else sees. It is hard to tell the color from the inside. So, yes, we do need others to help us, but there are many things we can to do help bring balance and initiate healing ourselves.

We are whole beings, body, mind, and spirit. As we make positive changes in one area, it helps us initiate changes in other areas.

Many times we feel like we need a reset button to refresh the programming and start over. My new book Pushing the Reset Button lays out a 31 day plan to help you do what you can to help yourself. It doesn’t replace working with a therapist but it can support the process and help you integrate the work into your whole life.

My theory is that as you make physical changes in your diet and exercise, it helps you make mental and emotional changes in your thinking and the way you deal with stress. As you remove the toxins from your diet and your environment, your whole being is able to focus on your mental and emotional self because it is less concerned with just staying alive physically. Every day you need to do a little something in each area. Just 10-15 minutes of rethinking some of your beliefs, another 15 minutes of stress relieving activities, 20 mins of walking, and 10 minutes of tackling toxic garbage in your food and home can put you on a firm footing to deal with the deeper issues and support you through the process of working with a therapist. It can be broken up into a few minutes here and there throughout the day so it works in anyone’s schedule.http://www.amazon.com/Linda-Easthouse/e/B009LD8I4W

Are you ready to put the background pieces in place so that your therapy can do its best work? Check it out. Pushing the Reset Button,  available on Amazon.com and Amazon.ca in Kindle or print versions. Very soon, you will be able to download a complementary workbook from my website too. Push the Reset Button and refresh the programming in your life.

Watch the book trailer here

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