What is your Shoulder telling you about your Heart?

Heart month

Did you know I can tell what is going on in your heart by what is happening in your shoulders?

The medical world wants you to check your cholesterol and take Statin meds for it. Then check your blood pressure and take more meds for that….

When I think of heart problems I want to know the root cause. For heart issues it comes down to an emotional cause of heart break or things that weigh on your heart. What in your life is stressing your heart in your relationships with your family, your friends, your work, and yourself?  Ancient traditional eastern wisdom says that physical heart issues are rooted in the emotional issues with your spouse, whether that is a formal or informal relationship. We know that emotional stress plays a huge role in your health. Deal with the issues of your emotional heart in order to address the issues of the physical heart.

We often see the first symptoms of this through emotional eating which sets up the dietary aspects of heart disease. We eat comfort foods. We eat to fill the yearning in the heart that we can’t fill through a broken or damaged relationship. What are you avoiding by eating? The only way to release a stress is to face it. Think back to your childhood. Did you have nightmares about the monster in the closet or the bogeyman under the bed? When your mom came in, turned on the light and showed you that nothing was there, the fear melted away. It is the same with your current fears and nightmares. As long as they are kept in the dark, worried about, pushed down and ignored, or otherwise avoided, they just keep growing and gnawing at your gut. So turn on the light, bring them out, inspect them, face them, and you can let them go. Health Kinesiology is amazing at addressing those issues in a respectful way that does not make you talk about them or rehash them. We use the meridians to retune your energy around the stresses and release them from your memory and muscles. Stop the pain and the over-eating by letting the light come on and restoring the proper energy balance in relationship to the stress.

Next we see symptoms in the shoulder blade, rotator cuff and upper back. Physical injuries and weaknesses have an emotional basis. Louise Hay says that shoulder problems are from carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders. She says shoulders “represent our ability to carry out experiences in life joyously. We make life a burden by our attitude.” Is the financial or emotional burden all on your shoulders and you feel responsible, fearful and inadequate? That wear and tear will show up in your shoulders. Think about your last injury. What was going on emotionally at home, in your job, for you at that time? What worries and stresses, losses, attacks were you facing? Those issues need to be addressed to create healing. Often it is an accumulation of similar stressors over time where the final straw was too much and the physical gave out under the weight of many unresolved issues.

Here are a few more to explore:

  • Upper back—lack of emotional support, no one understands me or supports me
  • Middle back—guilt, all that stuff that didn’t get resolved and we feel responsible for
  • Rotator Cuff Injury – lack of movement in one’s life – stuck moving forward
  • Arthritis – feeling unloved, criticism, resentment
  • Neck pain – poor flexibility, not being able to see what’s back there. Unbending bullheadedness.
  • Heart and blood—heart represents love and blood represents joy. When we deny ourselves love and joy the heart becomes sluggish, shrunken, pumps poorly and brings on serious heart disease.scenar

What can you do about these issues to resolve the pain and limited mobility? I use several methods including Health Kinesiology, Matrix Energetics, nutritional supplements, and laser/scenar treatments to change the tissues at the cellular level while cleaning out the emotional toxins. I work from a holistic perspective where the physical, emotional, spiritual, and toxic levels are all examined for their contribution to the issue and the solution.

Self-care is also a big part of healing. Check out the videos on self-care for exercises to do for yourself.

Read Pushing the Reset Button: The busy Professionals guide to a healthy lifestyle you will love. You find a wealth of tips and tools to help you get control over the stresses in your life.

Use some of Louise Hay’s affirmations or make your own.

  • I choose to allow all my experiences to be joyous and loving.
  • I am healthy and whole, my body heals with ease and grace.
  • I love and approve of myself. Life supports and loves me.
  • check out Louise Hay affirmation meme‘s here.


Sometimes pain just needs to be acknowledged. This is a thought I use. “I see/feel you. I acknowledge you. I love you. I listen to you: What message do you have for me? Thank you.”  Try it and see how it works for you.

Spend some time listening to your body. Ask, “What message do you have for me?” Actually sit and listen. Just wait to see what appears. Sometimes if you write it down, put it into words, and let your body speak, you will gain clarity and understanding of what you are dealing with.

We are always working through forgiveness. Often people say I thought I already forgave that. I already dealt with that. The truth is until there is no longer an emotional charge, there is still some letting go to do. Forgiveness is for your benefit. If you don’t hold onto the hot coal they threw at you, it can’t burn you any longer. Don’t hold it in your shoulders or your heart.

Breathe. I chose to let healing flow in as fear/anger/pain flows out.



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