Valentine’s Wisdom

The best gift you can give to anyone for Valentine’s Day is not diamonds. It is not even chocolate. Believe me I love raw dark chocolate with a touch of honey and some bits of ginger or cherry. I make chocolate balls that are healthy, in moderation. I have nothing against chocolate unless it is made by big chocolate companies that fill it full of gmo-sugar, milk solids, and a list of things you can’t pronounce.

However, chocolate is only second when it comes to the best Valentine’s gift. The number one gift is actually probably the hardest thing to do but so worth it. Your best gift to someone else is to love yourself.

As you love yourself, and I don’t mean the indulgent do whatever you want love, I mean the kind of love where you learn to accept yourself, your past, and your choices. It’s the kind of love that allows you to let go of regrets, traumas, and things that don’t serve you. It’s the love that allows you to become the best you that you can be. When you are clear and full, it will naturally flow out to those around you.

Most of us don’t actually love ourselves. We have a lot of bits and pieces of our bodies, our minds, our emotions, our behaviors that we really don’t like, let alone love. To learn to really love ourselves, we have to deal with the sub-conscious programming that we have developed over the years. We have to change and let go of the “tapes” in our heads. It’s easier than you think.

As you are able to let go of the attachment to old beliefs and stories you have told yourself to make sense of the events of your life, you begin to change the patterns and waves that you give off. As you change the patterns you give off, the reactions of others around you will change in response. How you are treated will change. It’s call resonance. It’s the dance of energy that flows within and between people.

Need some help getting clear and full? Treat a friend to a gift that can be life changing.

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