Thanksgiving Day for all my Canadian friends

For those of you who aren’t in Canada, this is Thanksgiving weekend. Yes we have Turkey or at least a big celebration meal. In my case today it is an organic chicken thanks to my neice, Gen, who raises them. It will be accompanies by home made apple pie with apples from our community garden apple trees, cranberry sauce I make, and the lots of organic veggies from the garden.  Many people, travel to see family. For us a WhatsApp call to my son in Mexico will have to suffice. We rejoice in the good things the year has brought and give thanks for our health, our family, and the harvest that sustains us through the year. For us it is a harvest festival just before winter sets in for good. I give thanks for local, organic, and sustainable farmers who survive both our harsh winters and our govt’s focus on corporate chemical farms. Blessings on every one of you who grow good food.

American Thanksgiving is very different. Its a historical thing rather than a harvest festival. I’ll let the American’s tell their own story.

For me Thanksgiving has become an activity rather than a weekend party. It is about cultivating gratitude, thanksgiving, and joy in the little things in life. Its about learning to see the positive side. Its about sending out the wave or frequency of gratitude even when things are not so rosy. What you sow you reap. What you emit you resonate with. If you sow thanksgiving, gratitude, acceptance, and joy, you make room for those things to show up in your life.

Take some time this weekend and make a list of the things you are grateful for, even little things. Add to the list some thing things you want to be grateful for by this time next year. Ask yourself, “Why am I grateful for ….?” or “Why do it have/achieve/be….?”.  Just let the question sit. You don’t need to try and answer it. Ask yourself the question each day and let it go. Your brain will try to find an answer for you over time. Let it develop from your seeking of gratitude.

May you be blessed beyond your expectations. Happy Thanksgiving.




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