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I get it, you are traveling, have kids at home, its too cold to get in the car and drive, vacation left you next to broke….it’s tough to fit in personal sessions to take care of yourself. So now introducing online groups with a max of 10 participants where I will direct healing and corrections focused for the group and you will receive the corrections and stress busters you need. Energy healing really doesn’t care about distance and you will do the thinking or touch points for yourself so it is personalized to you. Groups will focus on allergies, or digestion, or emotional stress, or PTSD. Each group has a focus and lasts for 4 weeks- just once a week for 60-90 mins a session. Interested?

Group session are Online healing groups with 6-10 per group.  I want to be clear, This is not a talk therapy group. It is not like a therapy group where you get together and tell your story and get feedback or coaching. We will actually do group energy corrections around the themes and individual needs that come from the particular group. Each group member will send me a list of what their issues are related to that on a form. I will then test out energetically how we can best address everyone’s needs and shift the energy so that each one gets what you need.

self-careThis is not training or self care. This is actual healing work for 4 sessions focused around a topic.

Groups run for 4 weeks and then you can sign up for another session of 4 weeks if you feel the need or you can join a different group to address a different issue. Groups will meet online at 6 pm MST time on Tues, Wed, or Thurs depending on the group. If there is enough interest for morning groups, that can be arranged too.

Doing Private Healing Sessions with me for 4 sessions is $630 or $157 per session. For the group rate you get 4 sessions for just $200 or $50/session. If you are interested email me from the contact page. When we have a group of 6 or more I will send out an invoice and the group will get started. I currently have space open in the allergy, PTSD, and emotional trauma groups. As the other groups finish we will start at new round. Most of them will restart in Oct or Nov. There are no groups running in Dec!

If you are interested in one of the groups, please email me and we can work out the details.

So how does this work? Each group will get on via my webinar software that will allow you to see and hear me and for me to see and hear you. When you sign up for the group you will send me a form that details your concerns. When I have all of them, I will work out the best group corrections that we can do together that will address the needs of every one in the group. Energy work isn’t limited by distance. We are all connected at the subtle energy level and so can send and receive energy and corrections easily. Having trouble understanding that, think how prayer works, or why is it that someone close to you can be having a problem and you “know” it, you “feel” it. Their energy is sending out a signal and you get it because you are tuned into them.

Groups will start the week of Oct 13th and run for 4 weeks. The only thing you need is a computer with a camera and a mic (if you wish to speak) and a GOOGLE hangouts account. The webinar software requires you to sign in from a google account (gmail, hangouts, circles, etc.) You will need to download and have google hangouts functioning. The webinar software will pick you up from there and take you to a private channel where you must have an invite link to access the group. It is completely private, no one except the group members can access the group and no one except group members who receive the link can watch them later.

If you miss one of the 4 sessions, don’t worry, you can download the link and watch and participate at your own time. You simply need the link and then watch and hold points or think as directed. The energy of the correction will connect and you will get the same correction as the group.

What are you waiting for. Email me which group you would like to join.

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