My Body Hurts

Aches and pains can be from physical traumas, but most often chronic stiffness, pain, arthritic-like symptoms, and joint pain are from an acidic body. That needs to be dealt with from the whole person approach of looking at diet, emotional stress, environmental stress, and your psychological responses to the challenges in your life. Getting well requires balance in your life and hope and satisfaction in your heart. Let us help you on your journey to wellness.

I Had Whiplash And I’ve Tried Everything But I Still Have Pain

Whiplash often disrupts the electric circuits through the neck and shoulder. Either our Scenar therapy or Natural Bioenergetics (NB) or sometimes a combination of the two can reset that and relieve the pain, getting you moving and pain-free again.

Fibromyalgia Keeps Me In Pain All The Time.  Can You Help?

Chronic inflammation for the fibromyalgia can be lowered. The underlying emotional and dietary issues must be addressed and liver cleansing to stop the pain completes the picture. You don’t need to live in pain, but you do need to do the work of changing your dietary and emotional habits to make it a pain of the past.

My Knees Ache All The Time

The Scenar and laser are made for you. Let our machines rebuild communication from the knees to the brain so that the body will heal itself naturally. Of course you might have to give them proper nutrition to rebuild with at the same time.

I Keep Twisting My Ankle.  How Can I Strengthen It?

Restoring a tendon or ligament after an injury is more than just doing physio to strengthen it. It requires the energy pattern to be reset and the muscle and nerve fibers to be turned back on so that they send and receive signals properly. Doing the energy work while doing your physio or chiro will make both of them more effective as the body will hold the information correctly.

I Have Seasonal Allergies.  I Hate Taking Antihistamines.

Seasonal allergies, or any allergy, comes from an energy mismatch the in the body. The body’s information system has some corrupt data and is sending the wrong signal and over reacting. Using the meridian system we can correct the signals and the body will deal with the allergy correctly. You don’t need to suffer nor do you need to take something to suppress the symptoms as the body can correct the communication and respond appropriately.

What About Eczema?  I Really Don’t Like Taking The Steroid Creams.

From a natural perspective eczema is a combination of allergies and stress. Often, wheat, corn, eggs, and fragrances are involved. The stress and lack of direction in life makes it worse. So we work with you to identify and correct the foods and chemicals that are contributing to it and help you resolve the stress you are facing and then the skin will clear up on its own.

I Have Been Diagnosed As Celiac.  What Can You Do?

A diagnosis of celiac simply tells you that your digestive system isn’t digesting glutens properly and is causing inflammation in the gut. The symptoms can be caused by the lack of a particular enzyme required to digest gluten. However we often find people who have been told or assume they are celiac because of the symptoms, but when we correct the reaction to the wheat protein they are able to eat wheat and other gluten containing grains without a problem. Sometimes the body has the enzyme but has shut it off and it can be turned back on. Some people just need to avoid gluten all together. Most of us should eat a lot less of it than our modern diet  suggests. Modern wheat is not what it used to be and our bodies don’t digest it well.