Our minds can play tricks on us, hold us hostage, and sabotage our best laid plans. If reactions come out of nowhere, and no matter how hard you try you get sucked into old patterns, seemingly simple energy corrections can take the charge out of the old pattern and allow you think and react differently.

Book in for a Natural Bioenergetics (NB) session and see what your body can do to help your mind.

I Feel Stressed And Tired All The Time.  What Can I do?

A stress response is triggered in the brain when we don’t have the appropriate coping skills for the situation or we can’t respond in a calm and accepting manner to what is happening around us. When that stress response becomes chronic and floods the body with adrenalin and hormones and chemicals that keep the body acid and inflamed, you feel it as tired, stressed, sore joints, poor sleep, achy muscles and much more. Diet and changing your response to the stressors can change your reaction from stressed and tired to calm. Each person needs an individualized approach that identifies and releases the particular stresses and responses you face.

I Can’t Stop Tapes Running In The Head.

Let us show you the Belief System Elimination correction. So simple, but so effective, and you can do it at home for yourself or let us work out the exact tapes that need to be Eliminated. Check out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-WQSxN9g9AM&feature=plcp

Fears Keep Me Stuck

Let go of your fears by releasing the energy around them that keeps you buying into them. A fear keeps you stuck because you focus on it. It triggers a stress release of chemicals in your brain that prevents you from changing the way you react. Through using some meridian points while you explore your fears you can turn off that reaction so that you can respond differently and the fears will fall away.

Phobia Of Flying, Spiders, Elevators, Etc…

Phobias freeze you in a pattern that prevents you from changing your response. With the expert guidance your body provides and our knowledge of your energy system we can break that pattern and free you from the frozen responses. You will be amazed at how quickly you can eliminate a phobia and install a new response. Your meridian system can reroute that energy and allow you to respond normally.

I Want To Break Through The Next Level Of Performance In Sports Or Business

Natural Bioenergetics (NB) is tailor designed to help you identify and break the limiting beliefs, fears, and patterns that keep you from your potential. It provides a way to pattern and program the excellence you are striving for.