I Have Dyslexia.  Can You Help?

Linda is a trainer specialist with an MA and years of experience in working with learning differences. She is dyslexic herself so she knows it from first-hand experience. The visual-spatial training program retrains the brain, giving the learner control over how the brain functions and allows him/her to correct the things that cause the disability in the first place. Once the cause is gone the brain will stop mixing things up.

My Memory Doesn’t Work Anymore.  What Do You Suggest?

Memory loss can be caused by many different problems. We look at the cause and then do what is appropriate. It may be diet related, or need some vitamin or mineral supplementation. If it is caused by trauma such as a fall, whiplash or other accident, then Natural Bioenergetics (NB) will correct the energy flows related to the trauma and allow the brain to heal the damage. Sometimes it is caused by toxic overload from medications, heavy metals, toxic workplace substances or similar things that don’t belong in the body. Those need to be released carefully and removed through a planned detox program.

My Child Has Been Diagnosed With ADHD/ADD.  Can You Help?

Certainly! ADHD/ADD are symptoms of a particular type of brain function which can be corrected. Sometimes we recommend the visual/spatial training and other times we use Natural Bioenergetics (NB) to rewire the brain. There is often a component of allergy to foods, colorings, chemicals and scents that also need correction for the brain to function clearly. Every child will present a unique set of needs and get a unique plan to correct exactly what they need.

Do You Work With Autism?

Yes, though autism is a complex issue and requires a broad spectrum approach. It often requires allergy and diet work, detoxification of metals and chemicals, emotional work, and brain training. Natural Bioenergetics (NB) provides an umbrella under which all the work can be coordinated and timed to be most effective.