We believe that beauty comes from the inside out. Beautiful skin starts in a clean healthy liver. While we work on the outside we will also help you detox and rejuvenate your liver. As well, you will get expert advice on diet and nutrition to help your skin and hair be healthy and strong so it can hold the rejuvenated looks.

How Do You Treat Wrinkles And Sagging Skin?

Non-surgical facial regeneration with the scenar and cold laser will gently tighten the muscles and the skin and smooth it out in just a few sessions. We recommend 6-10 session over 1-2 weeks to deal with eyes and mouth areas. Depending on how many wrinkles and if you want the jawline and forehead done, it may take more or less.

Can You Remove Facial Hair?

We do not do hot (medical) laser work. But if you have facial hair to be removed we recommend the turmeric cream which will gently remove unwanted hair around the mouth and cheeks.

What Do You Do For Brown Spots And Marks On The Skin?

We can recommend chemical free nutrition for the skin. Many spots fade and disappear when the skin is properly nourished and the liver is cleaned and working properly. Radiant skin starts with good skin nutrition from the outside in.

Is There Help For Acne?

Acne must be dealt with from the inside out and the outside in. After liver cleansing with a personalize protocol based on your body, a diet low in sugar, wheat and dairy will usually keep most acne under control. From the outside nourishing the skin and cleaning it with products designed for oily skin makes most acne diminish rapidly. The Vit C serum takes care of any little breakouts.

Can You Make Scars Look Better?

In most cases, yes. By using a combination of Scenar, laser, and some of the energy therapies, scars will recede. Usually the sooner we see the damage the better. Old established scars are harder but not impossible.