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We believe that beauty comes from the inside out. Beautiful skin starts in a clean healthy liver. While we work on the outside we will also help you detox and rejuvenate your liver. As well, you will get expert advice on diet and nutrition to help your skin and hair be healthy and strong so it can hold the rejuvenated looks.

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Whether it is ADHD/ADD, dyslexia, autism spectrum or just frustrated and not thriving in school, we can help. The brain can be rewired, retrained, and controlled. Using our proprietary Visual-Spatial training program we can help you or your child gain control over their brain and work with the learning style instead of against it.

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Emotional and mental stresses leave the body and the adrenal system worn out due to the constant firing of the fight-or-flight reflexes responding to permanent, ongoing stresses. We can help you turn off the triggers, clear your emotions, and live in peace. You don’t have to push the stress button!

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My Body Hurts


We don’t believe a diagnosis, a name for what ails you, is particularly helpful. We do believe that the body can heal injury and illness when it has the right nutrients, energy, and life balance. We have a variety of hands-on therapies, high tech machines, and old-fashioned wisdom to get you back on your feet, pain free and enjoying life again.

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Service: ALL prices are listed in USD

Natural Bioenergetics (NB/HK) Certified Sr Instructor$140/hr
Bioresonance - Initial intake and treatment$200
Bioresonance Monthly Pak includes one analysis and 4 followups. $700
Bioresonance - Single analysis sessions$180/hr
Geopathic Stress Assessment (recommended tools are extra)$300
Radionics-Initial analysis and 1 month of broadcast with mid-month adjustments if needed.$400