Self Care is the future of Health Care

Now is the time to learn how to take care of yourself.

Why study Natural Bioenergetics?

Natural Bioenergetics is the new name for Health Kinesiology. As this healing practice becomes more global we need a name that can be trade marked everywhere. Kinesiology is a restricted word in many countries due to the medical system claiming it. Natural Bioenergetics describes what this work really is. I like the new name. I hope you do to. We will be phasing it in everywhere over the next year.  You can start with the Self Care Certificate and in 6 months have the skills to take care of yourself, your family and your pets in many situations.

It’s easy to learn
Although NB/HK is a very profound therapy which creates lasting positive changes for clients, is very easy to learn. You don’t need any previous knowledge. All the theory and the energy awareness is taught to you during the courses. You learn a new procedure and then you practice what you have just learned in class under supervision. So you build up your skills and knowledge, step-by-step. Learn more here.

Recognized Professional Training

The Natural Bioenergetics Studies training program is recognized as one of the advanced professional training programs in Kinesiology. It is recognized by the Canadian Association of Specialized Kinesiology (CanASK) as well as Natural Health Practitioners of Canada (NHPC).

How are we different from what you already do?

  • Before we work we balance the energy system on 3 levels – physiologically, psychologically and electro-magnetically by using the HK Meridian Energy Balance procedure. The MEB brings the body into balance quickly and efficiently.
  • We ask energy permission to work to deal with the client’s concerns and help them achieve their goals.
  • We ask verbal questions of the mind/body in order to establish the best healing pathway for the client.
  • We always hold across the coupled meridians when doing energy correction factors.

In Natural Bioenergetics the therapist examines many factors

  • Energy Correction factors where stress, both physical and subtle, locked anywhere in the system is released by highlighting the stress in as simple a way as possible and holding the acupuncture circuits that will ‘retune/correct’ or release the stress
  • Energy Toning factors to help strengthen existing energy pathways
  • Adjunctive Factors to help support the physical body while the healing is processed
  • Energy Redirection Factors which concentrate energy into a specific area to speed up healing or if clients continue to manifest an inappropriate or maladaptive energy reaction to a certain stimulus and ERF allows the body to recognize the new options available to it.
  • Environmental factors
  • Toxicity factors
  • Intrusive Energies

Check out all the classes for Fall 2017 and Spring 2018

Practitioners Training Cert: HK 4 BC   Webinars +Practicum Oct 28-29  Abbotsford, BC
16 P in Calgary with Jimmy teaching  November 17    Smart Executive Center, Calgary
HK 9 in Calgary with Jimmy teaching   November 18-20, 2017   Smart Executive Center, Calgary
HK 10 in Calgary with Jimmy teaching   November 21-23, 2017   Smart Executive Center, Calgary
Self Care Certificate HK 1   Jan 12-15, 2018    Prince Albert, SK
Self Care Certificate HK 1   Jan 19-22, 2018   Abbotsford, BC
Practitioners Training Cert: HK 5-6: Webinars + Practicum Mar 9-12, 2018   Abbotsford, BC
Self Care Certificate HK 2   March 16-19, 2018   Prince Albert, SK
Self Care Certificate HK 2   March 23-26, 2018   Abbotsford, BC
Certification Exam Day   June 6, 2018   Abbotsford, BC
Intrusive Energies   June 7-10, 2018   Abbotsford, BC
16 P   June 11, 2018   Abbotsford, BC
Self Care Certificate HK 3  June 14-17, 2018   Abbotsford, BC
Self Care Certificate HK 3    June 21- 25, 2018   Prince Albert, SK

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