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Take Your Body from Ordinary to Extraordinary

We can all use a little boost, something that will take our body from ordinary to extraordinary. Going from good to great requires special ingredients that help your body change physically. To achieve wellbeing, enzymes and bacteria go into action to help digestive and restorative processes. Your body needs enzymes and beneficial bacteria every day to ensure proper digestion, blood formation, and immune functions—all of which happen on a minute-to-minute schedule. Without adequate enzymes and good bacteria inside you, your quality of life will deteriorate. Enzymes and bacteria are crucial even when you’re in great health. Don’t skimp on them.

Enhanced Enzymes

Enhances Enzymes

Super Digestive Enzymes

Proteolytic Probiotics

Gastric Enzymes

Protease Enzymes

Lipase Enzymes

Amylase Probiotics

Cellulase Enzymes

Eliminate Toxins

Eliminating the Toxic Buildup in Your Tissues and Organs is Essential

You’re ingesting chemicals and toxins in the air you breathe, the food you eat and the water you drink. You’re bombarded constantly by pathogens and toxins on a daily basis no matter what your lifestyle or surroundings are. Every day your immune system is battling harmful toxins; maintaining proper bowel health is crucial. Routinely eliminating the toxic buildup in your tissues and organs is essential. Left unchecked, what’s inside you can putrefy and become a serious health hazard. Healthy strategies aren’t always enough, so we’ve developed incredible products to boost your body’s natural ability to trap and eliminate of toxins.

Herb Cocktail

H/C Plus


Parasite Cleanse Programs

Colloidal Silver

30 Day Raw Pack

Digestive Reset Kit

30 Day Empowerment Kit

Enhanced Nutrition

Deficiency is widely accepted as the second leading cause of all disease. Next to toxicity (the accumulation of too many toxins), virtually every disease can be directly or indirectly traced back to a lack of essential nutrients. Your body needs enzymes, amino acids/proteins, minerals, vitamins, carbohydrates and fats, which is why these elements are called “essential nutrients”! Give your body highest-quality food and natural health products! You are what you eat—you’re made of the quality of the foods you choose! This is why Avena’s natural health products are designed according to the laws of nature, and why they deliver the world’s best enhanced nutrition.

RP3 Natural Vegan
Protein Powder

RP3 Raw Cacao Vegan
Protein Powder


Electric “C’

Electric C

Plant-Based Minerals

Superfood Green

Vitamin Supreme

P.I.N. Magnesium

Liquid Magnesium

Ionic Calcium Magnesium

Ionic Zinc

Herbal Brilliance

Herbal Balance