Natural Remedies for Inflammation

Inflammation: Signs, Symptoms & Solutions Part 3

Natural Remedies for Inflammation

inflam relaxedIn part one we reviewed how we develop inflammation. In part two we looked at how it affects heart disease and some of the ways to reduce it. Now we are exploring foods that will help you reduce inflammation. I am a firm believer in “Let food be your medicine”. However, there are a few supplements that can be really helpful and are harder to get just via food. For the most part chronic inflammation is beaten by diet. You can’t medicate your way out of a disease you eat yourself into. In part one there is a list of dietary toxins to avoid. Here you have a list of dietary components to include.

Inflammation has been linked to many diseases including autoimmune diseases, arthritis and even some forms of cancer. If you are suffering from any of these health problems, then there is a good chance that your body is “on fire.” The conventional response to inflammation is to take steroidal or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Both can help alleviate inflammation but a great cost. These drugs contain chemicals and synthetic ingredients that can do more harm in the long run. A better option is to try natural remedies for inflammation. You can start with the ones below.

Fish Oil

The best natural remedy for inflammation is fish oil, particularly its Omega 3 content that has been proven effective in dealing with inflammation. If you are regularly eat red meat, then you should seriously consider cutting back your consumption and get your protein from fish instead. Salmon, snapper, bass and halibut are some of the best sources of Omega 3 fatty acid. If you are not really into fish or if it is not possible for you to eat fish all the time, then you can just buy a fish oil supplement. Just make sure that you buy a high quality supplement to make sure that you get pure Omega 3 fatty acid. If you can, try to get a fish oil supplement that has added lycopene, astaxanthin and CoQ10. These are antioxidants that can also help fight inflammation. If you are a vegetarian, you can take flax seed oil instead that is also a good source of Omega 3 fatty acid. With the radiation issues in the Pacific it is best to search for a Norwegian fish oil or one that says on the label radiation and mercury free.


Your kitchen cupboard may already be a treasure trove of natural remedies for inflammation. Common spices such as ginger, rosemary, turmeric, mustard seed, peppers, cinnamon and cloves all have anti-inflammatory properties. If you love to cook, then all you need to do is to use these spices often. If you love to juice then juice this into your drinks. But if you are not a big fan of the flavors of these spices then the best that you can do is to take them in supplement form. You can easily find rosemary, ginger and turmeric supplements in any natural food store. As far as dosage is concerned, you should take 100 mg of rosemary and ginger every day. For turmeric, 2 to 3 grams per day will do.

Vitaminsinflam vitD

The best source of vitamins is food, particularly fruits and vegetables. But again, if you think you are not meeting your daily requirements of vitamins, then the next best option is to take vitamin supplements. To combat inflammation, you should make sure that you are getting enough Vitamins C, D and E. On their own, Vitamins C, D and E are already powerful antioxidants. Together though, they work in a synergistic manner to protect the body and to keep inflammation at bay. Experts have different opinions as far as the dosage of Vitamins C, D and E that we need. What you can do is to buy a high quality supplements and just follow the direction on the package. Of course, it is also recommended that you seek the opinion of your naturopathic or integrative physician. One caution: vitamins from plant based sources are not cheap but are much better for you that chemicals produced in a lab and called vitamins. Choose a reputable, organic, plant based vitamin whenever possible. The mega bottles you buy at Costco or Walmart are usually not what you want.

Nuts and seeds

Instead of snacking on unhealthy chips and other junk food that can promote inflammation, make it a habit to munch on nuts and seeds instead. Try to avoid the commercial variety though that are usually loaded with salt and synthetic flavor enhancers. It is best to eat nuts and seeds raw. You can add a little sea salt if you like. The best nuts and seeds for inflammation are almonds, walnuts, sunflower seeds and hazelnuts. You can try going to your local health food store to check if they sell raw nuts and seeds in bulk.


Yes, treating inflammation does not mean that you have to give up treats. One very tasty treat that has been proven effective against inflammation is chocolate. But before you go to the nearest store to load up on your favorite chocolate candy, you should know that not all chocolates are created equal. To deal with inflammation, you should go for chocolates that has at least 70% pure cocoa. Many chocolates in the market contain very little cocoa and have high sugar content. Sugar is one thing that you need to cut back on if you want to get rid of inflammation in your body. You can also opt to get sugar-free chocolates. Stay away from those sweetened with synthetic sweeteners though such as aspartame and sucralose. Go for brands sweetened with natural sweeteners such as stevia. Try this for a great chocolate treat.

Raw Chocolate and Blueberry pudding

4 ripe avocados 
1/2 cup soft dates chopped (remove pit, soak in hot water for a few minutes if they are hard)
8 tablespoons raw organic cocoa powder
1 cup almond or hemp milk (unsweetened)
3 tablespoons liquid honey or maple syrup (adjust to taste)
1/8 teaspoon celtic sea salt (or less)
Cut avocados in half and scoop out with a spoon. Remove any brown spots or strings
Mash in a large bowl.
Add the rest of the ingredients and mix on high with hand mixer until dates dissolve and pudding is creamy. (If you use a blender it whips too much air into it and makes the consistency poor.)
Divide into parfait glasses by layering chocolate pudding with fresh or frozen raspberries or sliced strawberriesPushinging the reset button

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