LEADERS in Stress Reduction


Learn to say no:
Taking control of your time and commitments is key to a balanced life. Set your priorities and say no to whatever doesn’t fit. The world is not going to fall apart if you say NO. Your kids don’t need to be in everything, nor do you. Setting boundaries at work, home, and community will help you achieve more in each area. If you have trouble saying no, book in for a session or two to deal with why you can’t prioritize yourself.
Examine your diet:

What you eat determines who you are. Those mood swings, the afternoon tired, the evening exhausted, the can’t sleep are often food related. Find out what your allergies and intolerances are. Stop eating junk food. The body craves nutrition and if you feed it junk it just keeps craving. Feed it real food and it will be satisfied. We can help you work out what your body needs and how to get it on a reasonable budget and schedule. It isn’t a diet but a lifestyle of eating to feed the body rather than feeding the stress.

Accept where you are:
Fighting your situation makes it harder to change. Learn to accept and open to the possibilities of where you are and you will be able to change things more easily. Peace is what happens inside no matter what situation you find yourself in. Forgiveness isn’t because the other person deserves or asks for it: It is because you deserve to not be entangled in their junk anymore. Need help check out the self help video above or book in to see a therapist and face it. Ignoring it doesn’t work.
Drink water:
Your brain is bathed in a saline solution. It is what allows those little electric synapses to jump from dendrite to dendrite. Without sufficient hydration your brain simply doesn’t work as well. Water, pure, filtered water is the best. Substitute that second cup of coffee or tea with water. Fill 2 1 liter or quart glass jars in the morning. Drink one of them by noon and one by supper time. If you really need a pick up use Barley Life, Zija SmartMix, or Peak Endurance to reset your electrolytes. Commercial sports drinks and energy drinks have too much sugar and color both of which are dehydrating and add to your toxic load too.
Eliminate toxic exposure: 

Read labels on your cleaning products, laundry soap, face and body products, shampoo, and anything else that you put on your body or use in your home. It takes 26 minutes for most products to get from your skin to your liver!  If you wouldn’t put it in your mouth and eat it, why are you putting it on your skin or breathing it in?  Your liver still has to metabolize it and clear it from your system. Check  out the info here if you don’t know what is bad for you. Be sure to look at the other links in the menu for more details on toxic products. Check out the Immaculee links for products that are good for you.

Routine exercise time: 
You need approximately 15 minutes 2 times a week of the right exercise. Otherwise some good walking, and breathing exercises will round out the week. Get involved in some recreational sport too.
Set a bed time and keep it:

Lack of sleep is epidemic in our society. Kids don’t get enough to learn well. Adults are trying to scrimp on 5-6 hours a night and then rev up on coffee and energy drinks. It leads to bad metabolism, liver and kidney stress, emotional stress and much more. Your body repairs and rebuilds while you sleep. If you want it to perform for you, you have to let it run its maintenance cycles. Come in for a Life Balance and find out what your body wants to tell you about Sleep, rest, play, and work. You might be shocked!

There are things you can do at home to help. Check out this exercise.