It’s summer, Relax

stressreliefSummer has arrived, but some of us still have trouble slowing down a little and relaxing. Our muscles are so locked up and the tension in the neck and back is wound so tight that it is hard to wind down and really relax.

It is important to be able to release the muscles and let go of the tension in the muscles. I developed this Muscle Relax Meditation a few years ago and thought you might find it helpful. It is in a printable pdf file so you can take it to the lake, hangout in the backyard, or just get away from  your screen for a while.

I do enjoy meditations with the music and pretty pictures but I want to be able to do it when I want, where I want and not always be tied to a computer or phone. So enjoy the old-fashioned print version. Go Relax for awhile.

Have a great summer and practice really relaxing several times a week. The more you do it the easier it gets.

Download your Muscle Relax Meditation. 

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