Holistic Stress Relief for Writers

As a part of D’vorah’s Book Marking Challenge, I have been working on my blog and my
website. Watch for some exciting changes coming soon. However, one of the biggest lessons I have learned in the process is that it can all be very stressful. As a coach and therapist for holistic stress relief, as an forthcoming book author, and as author of a number of articles and this blog, I have found myself needing to apply my own medicine.

My holistic stress relief focuses on helping the stressed person re-frame how they see the stress, change the body’s response to the stress by using Health Kinesiology with no needles and no pain, and recharge through proper nutrition and rest.

I started the 30 day challenge 60 days ago. Yes, you read that right!  I have leastress-norned so much and am so grateful for the support of the participants in the group. When I needed to re-frame and recognize I needed to go at a slower pace, that was affirmed. I am working through it and establishing a firm foundation for the forthcoming launch of my book–hopefully mid October.

I also took the time to do some of the holistic stress relief exercises that I teach others. Checkout  them out here for the self-care videos. That allowed me to work through them calmly without causing myself more stress. I think a lot of authors would benefit from trying some of these. I really recommend the Emotional Stress Release (ESR) for overcoming writers block and procrastination. Try the Belief System Elimination (BS Elimination) for changing your fears and blocks when your self talk gets in the way.

I also had to apply some of my own rules for stress eating. Increase the water intake. A large glass of green veggie juice at least once a day. Don’t allow sugar in your writing room! Whether it is candy, sweets, cookies, granola bars, “healthy” protein bars or any other form. Sugar does not help your brain crank out your work. Keep yourself stocked with good nibbles like veggie sticks, applies, seaweed, and nuts and seeds. Better yet, recognize that most often when you feel like reaching for something, a big glass of filtered water or a walk around the block will actually do your brain and your fingers more good than food will.

stress-no2We are visiting each other’s blogs and connecting and commenting. I love that, but find I have to limit myself to a few a day so I can still get to bed at night on schedule and have the energy and gusto so see my clients during the day. Part of good holistic stress relief is to honor the body’s rhythms and need for sleep and exercise. If it means it takes me 60 days instead of 30, I’m OK with that. I hope you can let yourself be OK with the rhythm you need.

How can I promote a book on stress relief and living a balanced life, if I don’t do it myself? I hope you can give yourself permission to honor yourself too. You will be far more creative, focused, and satisfied with your writing work by taking care of yourself in the process.

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  1. Mari Barnes

    Linda, I love the idea of honoring one’s own rhythms and the practical self-care you promote here. All things I need to work on. I couldn’t access the videos from the link above. Advice, please.

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