Healthy means a lot more than just not being sick

What is natural healing anyway? So many people think that healthy means not being sick. They live their lives just above the line of “I’m not sick” but so far from the line of “I have vibrant, resilient health” where they body fights off anything rapidly, you have mobility, flexibility, strength, personal power, joy, and inner calm.

We all should strive for vibrant, resilient health and the good news is that it isn’t that far from our grasp. Natural health looks at the whole person:  body, mind, spirit, environment, nutrition, stress, and social connection.  We are only as healthy as the weakest sector of our lives. One sector drags others down. It does matter what you eat, what you think, what you put on your body and into your environment.

It is time to take charge of your health. For too long our society has bought into “the doctor knows best” and we have let the drug companies tell us that only they have solutions. We all have bought into the belief that we can drug symptoms into submission, and somehow that should equal health. But, we don’t explore why we got the symptom in the first place. It is time to take responsibility back and be the master of your life.  You know your body best. You know how you react and feel. You have control. Learn to listen. Learn to use it.

Welcome to the journey,

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