GeoPathic Stress: Just when you thought you had all your stresses under control….

We all know we have emotional stress, mental stress, toxic stress, and the list goes on…. But did you know you also likely have Geopathic stress? It is actually one of the easy ones to fix but can be hard to identify when you don’t know what you are looking for. A professional kinesiologist trained in Geopathic Stress assessment and remediation can educate you and help you choose the right tools for your home or work place.

Geo means “from the earth” and pathic means “suffering”, “feeling”, so geopathic means suffering from or feeling bad from the earth. We are talking about the naturally occurring waves and fields that come from the earth which affect humans in negative ways. It can be caused by underground magnetic fields, flowing water, minerals, crust formations and caverns. There are grids that circle the world and provide the magnetic fields that birds use to migrate as well as create the flow energy inside the earth. Some of them damage the body and some of them feed the body. The negative ones create the polar effect with the positive ones that makes energy flow. The problem is when you build your house or workplace or school on top of a negative spot and then spend a great deal of time sitting or sleeping in that energy. 

Some people are simply more sensitive to geopathic stress than others. Some people have a more robust constitution that doesn’t seem to be bothered by the negative waves. For those who are sensitive it can be debilitating and scary. Many people will not heal when in that negative energy. Allergies are triggered by it as well.

Now in our modern times we have to add the Electro-Magnetic stressors that are man-made. On top of the natural earth energies we have flooded our planet with electronic signals like cell phones, digital TV, “smart” meters, high tension electric towers, and so forth. All these waves pass through us just like radio waves and can affect the organs and electric system of the body.

Check out how it is affecting you with these rating scales.

Geopathic Stress Exposure Rating

  1.  Do you see signs of abnormal growth on trees or bushes around your house?
  2.  Do you have problems with ants, bees or other insects in your house?EMF stress on plants
  3.  Do you have unexplained dead spots in your lawn or garden?
  4.  Does your cat enjoy spending time on your bed?
  5.  Is your home on a waterfront?
  6.  Do you have a lake or river near your home?
  7.  Do you have a well on your property?
  8.  Are there mineral deposits in the ground under your property?
  9.  How is your sleep? Do you awake rested and fresh in the morning?
  10. Do you need a long time to fall asleep?
  11. Do you regularly wake up during the night?
  12. Do you eat a healthy diet but are still deficient in vitamins and minerals?
  13. If you have small children in your family, is a baby always moving to one side or corner of the bed?
  14. Does anyone in the family have nightmares?
  15. Does a baby cry for prolonged periods of time for no apparent reason?
  16. How is the concentration of your child at school or you at work?
  17. Are there any chronic health issues you or a member of your family has to cope with?
  18. Is there a history of cancer in your family?

If you answered yes to 4 or more of the questions, you may have Geopathic Stress. Get tested by someone that understands how to test your muscles for the stress created by these waves. The East House Natural Health Centre can do this for you. We have a variety of tools that can change the Geopathic stress levels in your home or office to that you are no longer negatively affected by it. Protect yourself and your loved ones now.

Electromagnetic Radiation Exposure Rating

1. Do you use a cellular or cordless phone?
2. Do you use a computer more than 1 hr a day?
3. Do you use a wireless router?
4. Do you live within a kilometer of high tension electric towers, an electrical sub-station or satellite/cell towers?
5. Do you have a satellite dish attached to your home?
6. Do you have a TV in your bedroom?
7. Do you sleep within 3 feet of a radio, an alarm clock or other electronic gadgets?
8. Do you use a hair dryer, an electric razor or an electric toothbrush?
9. Do you spend long periods of time under fluorescent lights?
10. Do you operate electronics and appliances in their electromagnetic fields?
11. Do you eat food cooked in a microwave oven?
12. Do you stand within 5 feet of a microwave while it is running?
13. Do you sleep on an electric heat source in your bed?
14. Is your home heated by an in floor heating system-hot water or electric?
15. Do you spend hours playing computer games?
16. Does your child come home from school exhausted or with headaches?
17. Do you get “shocks” off of metal things when you touch them.
18. Do you have chronic health issues?

Dr. Josef Kopp - Geopathic StressIf you answered yes to more than 4 of these questions, you may have electromagnetic radiation. Get tested by someone who understands how to read your muscles for the stress created by these waves. The East House Natural Health Centre can test this for you. We have a variety of tools that can change the EMF in your home or office to that you are no longer negatively affected by it.

Learn more about Geopathic Stress on my post.

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