Free Stress Release sessions for Sunnyside/Hillhurst flood victims

The Stress of dealing with the flood, the grief that many will experience over the loss of home and business or income, the strain of the long hours and toxic exposure, etc, can be eased and your sense of well being can be restored. The kind of stress that many are under can lead to PTSD or nightmares and other responses. Especially children who may feel that their world has been turned upside down and their parents are busy dealing with the urgent are vulnerable to stress related problems. The natural therapy that I do is very good at helping people process and release the stress and maintain their balance in the face of the difficulties. If I can help you please come give it a try.

Watching the stress and shock on so many people in Sunnyside, I have decided that I will do 2 free Stress Release sessions per day (90 minutes each) for any resident of Sunnyside/Hillhurst that wants to come. I’m in Hillhurst so its walking distance for most of Sunnyside. Call me to set up times. 403 250 1627

If you would like to donate gift cards for others I would be happy to arrange that through the HSCA community center. I can do 2 free ones per day but I do have to support myself and keep my business alive through this too. So if you want to support others through donating a session beyond those 2 I would love to help more people.