February is Heart month.

What are you doing to open your heart field and bring in new ways of being that support your heart health?

Heart attacks don’t just happen and they aren’t always because of the way you eat. Did you know that the level of stress and tension in a marriage relationship is a very accurate predictor of heart attacks? Dealing with your heart issues and learning new ways to communicate can have a big effect on your heart. Health Kinesiology is not a talk-theray! I don’t want you to rehash and get all worked up over the issues again. I want to help you release and re-align your stresses and bring your energy field back into balance in the face of the stresses you live with so that thinking about your stresses does not set off the fight/flight response. It will allow you to deal with life differently.

Did you know that cholesterol is not a good predictor of heart health. The higher your cholesterol the longer your life. Cholesterol is essential to prevent Alzheimer damage and maintain good cognitive function. The push to use Statin drugs is a marketing ploy based on faulty science. Even Dr Oz admitted it and said you need to educate yourself and ask your doctor the hard questions. Check it out yourself. Watch the episode. Diet, exercise, and emotional health are the best predictors and the best cures for heart disease.

If you already have heart disease: -a sugar-free, wheat-free, totally vegan diet will usually reverse it quite quickly. Then you have to learn to live differently. Not a short term diet but a new way of eating will restore your body. Some people need to stay on plant-strong diets for life. Most people need a more balanced approach long-term but a drastic approach to get it under control. There is no such thing as one right diet for everyone or even for every condition. You must learn to know and listen to your body.

To help the body clean the arteries, Synergy’s ProArgi9 is the best supplement out there. Message me if you want more info about it.

I am happy to work with anyone, in Calgary or via Skype or Facetime worldwide, to help you get your heart on track.