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Here is some of the feedback that we have collected.  We take great pride in our treatments and how we interact with our patients.

Click here to read an article written about Linda in Spring 2012 CanASK issue.

If you are have recently been treated we’d love to hear your thoughts.

Recent Feedback

Sue Mariconda

“After being really sick for a week with an upper respiratory infection and in spite of being on antibiotics and prednisone, I hadn’t slept for more than 2 hours at a time in 4 days. The coughing spasms were keeping me up. After just one session… Grateful for 7.5 hours of uninterrupted sleep, finally! Still upright in the recliner, but I’ll take it. Thanks, Linda Easthouse, for the Skype Natural Bioenergetics session yesterday which helped immensely.”

Walter Stucchi

“THANKS Linda. We just got back from a 5Km round trip (me on my Japanese bike, him literally trotting). Zeolite as prescribed: one wooden-spoon a day w/food. Lump is gone! Saigo wags his tail and sends his best regards & gratitude; me too (except the tail wagging :-)) THANK YOU Linda Easthouse ! “

Shawn Machnau

“I began seeing you after witnessing the changes in my daughters, Liv & Chloe. Previous to this spring I suffered from terrible environmental allergies (hay fever). I must admit, I didn’t know what to expect and thought, for a short time, at the first session, it was a little weird how you go about your corrections. After just a few relaxing sessions however, I feel you have given me an absolute reversal of the hay fever I’ve had to endure for so many years, and for that, my family and I are grateful. Thanks Linda, and yes, you may use my name.”

Trina Lo

I was planning to go in 2008 to NY AND catch George Michael – I love him…so talented, when I ‘got sick’. Turns out I wasn’t actually sick, but the doctors in white lab coats scratching their heads could not figure out what was wrong with me! 8 weeks on IV antibiotics, that I did not even need! It’s clear to me now. This is how I started working with the amazing Linda Easthouse. She is the ONLY person who could figure out my allergy to Canola. She finally snapped it, and all the antibiotics were making it 10x worse. I have lots of lost NYC time to make up for, but am SO grateful for Linda. She has drastically improved my health – thank-you, thank-you, thank-you!!!!

Trina Lo, Owner, Fresh Ink Communications, Calgary

Barbara C., Calgary

Stacey Rose

This was a really tough week with my health in all aspects… On the day I was tempted to check myself back into the hospital my holistic kinesiologist got me in for an emergency appointment with amazing results. She works with the energy meridians in your body among other things. She is a stress expert, a brilliant natural healer, and my saviour this week!!! I highly recommend her to EVERYONE for ALL the challenges you are facing. Please feel free to message her to gain more info into what she does. Oh and she makes thee best remineralizing toothpaste ever-ask for her recipe!! Let her know I sent you over!!!….Thank you Linda! I am simply sharing how profound and amazing your work is. It truly affects me on such a deep level. I am blessed and grateful to have you in my healing circle! Thank you again for all you do, all you are, and all who you inspire (including me!)

Michele Baime

“VERY EXCITING NEWS: In December, Steve was diagnosed with prostate cancer. The advice he got was to immediately have his prostate surgically removed and to have radiation therapy. The doctor at Kaiser told him that if he didn’t do these things he would certainly die a horrible death…she actually described the process to us! Steve decided that this advice was not how he wanted to treat his cancer. Instead he decided to go the alternative route of healing. The plan was to maintain a very rigid diet and to work with a dear friend of mine Linda Easthouse, a fellow Natural Bioenergetics Practitioner. Steve began the diet and healing sessions with Linda in January via Skype (she lives in Calgary). Steve was determined and highly motivated. Avoiding surgery and radiation was his goal! Today we are filled with incredible gratitude. The results from all his blood work that was done in February were given to him and he no longer has cancer in his body. His PSAs and all the other many tests came back normal. Even his cholesterol was normal – no meds for that either! What this means is that between the beginning of January until the end of February, his body healed itself of cancer. That is what energy healing is all about folks. Any questions….contact me and I will gladly explain the Natural Bioenergetics modality. In the meantime, thanks to all of our friends and family who sent Steve positive thoughts, energy and love. We love you all! Love you Steve and am so proud of the work you have done for yourself. Now we can plan our vacation!!!!!”

Peggy McAloon, WI, USA

I took the advice of my dear friend Linda Easthouse on natural healing yesterday. (Look for her upcoming book on natural methods to heal and reduce your own stress “Push the Reset Button”) and after going to bed last night at about 11:00PM I did not wake up until 1:30 this afternoon. I haven’t slept like a baby since…well, when I was a baby! Following her advice for the past 24 hours, the change has not only been swift but powerful!

Clarissa Lo

“two week’s worth of coughing myself death….10 minutes with Linda Easthouse and its gone. Seriously for those that think you cannot afford NB healing, I say you CANNOT afford NOT to do this for yourself!”

Jill Fischer

“Linda has been a practicing therapist since 2004. She works with clients from all over western Canada to help them take responsibility for their own healing and wellness. She is an educator and believes that all clients should learn basic energetic self-care. Her practice focuses on holistic approaches that integrate energetic healing, nutrition, and life balance skills. She supports clients as they regain wellness from pain, allergies, stress and other life destroying illnesses.”

Kevin Sixsmith

“My name is Kevin Sixsmith, I would like to give Linda Easthouse from East House natural health centre a testimonial . I was riding my mountain bike in a back country 24 Hours of Adrenaline race and had a crash off a ten foot drop. Needless to say I was banged up pretty good and had a torn rotator cuff. My wife had to basically carry me into the emergency. Doctors told me I was out of commission for months. I was not happy with this as I had a 120 km canoe trip booked for the following week. So I decided to go see Linda and to see what she could do. Unbelievably after only four treatments that week with her Scenar devise, My shoulder went from 20% to being able to go on my canoe trip and paddle the 120 km. Hands down will refer anybody and everybody to Linda and her team. Thank you Linda! “


“Thank you so much for taking time to work on me yesterday! I was able to get up after 2 pm and go shopping and to my appointment. I even had enough energy to wrap gifts and get ready for today. Really, that was an amazing turn around! Today I was able to do Christmas – and we do it all Christmas Eve so thank you very much! I don’t understand how that could work, you must tell me, I can hardly believe it! Linda, I appreciate you very much.
God bless”

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If you’ve recently had a treatment with us we’d love to know how your experience was!  We take feedback from our clients very seriously (good or bad) and are always looking for ways to improve.