Client Brian: Case study

Client Brian's 5 steps to control his chaos

10 months ago my client Brian was facing setbacks in his personal growth. He was struggling at work and at home and was beginning to hate who he had become as he pushed his way up the corporate ladder.
Today, He is flourishing at work and making progress at home. He has a realistic view of himself and is working to bring his choices into alignment with his values and vision for himself and his family.
Here are 5 strategies that helped him move from borderline burnout and a significant failure at work to the beginning of life balance, and open communication at home.
5) Creating boundaries for himself and with his daughter significantly changed their communication and understanding.
4) Learning to sit with emotions and feel the events behind the triggers. He can now allow himself to process emotions in a healthy way.
3) Develop skills to control the racing mind and stay in the present.
2) Develop self-care routines for physical, mental and emotional nurturing.
1) Create a clear vision of who he can be and the steps needed to get there, including identifying and dealing with the mental and emotional blocks that had prevented him from acting in ways that benefited him. These created dysfunctional behaviours that contributed to his poor view of himself.
Personal growth is really uncovering the real you and removing all that holds you back from becoming all you can be.

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