Can you take care of yourself when you get injured or sick?

I know I got tired of popping pills whether they were prescription or hands full of vitamins, it just seemed wrong that I couldn’t just be healthy enough to eat cleaning and have good resistance. If you are taking hands full of vitamins and trying every new thing that hits the market, wouldn’t be nice to be able to test yourself and see which ones are actually working for you and which ones you really don’t need? The Self Care training will do that for you.

When you are on vacation and need some first aid or get a cold or pick up a tummy bug, you will have the knowhow and resources to take care of it yourself.

When you are stressed out and your brain just isn’t clear, your self care tools will help you clear your mind, release your stress and enable you to make wise decisions.

Stop letting others Push your buttons by taking away the button. Life gets much simpler and you can be joyful even if your situation remains the same. Your reactions can change.

Most importantly of all you can learn to take care of yourself.

I know I can’t be there for everyone who needs bio-energetic healing so with the Health Kinesiology International team I am happy to present the Bio-Energetic Self Care Certificate.

The Self Care Certificate provides tools and techniques to balance your energy, your emotions and your allergies. To look after minor first aid such as bumps, bruises, colds, sore muscles, and upset tummies. This training allows you to sort out and resolve most common ailments and injuries without the use of drugs or surgeries and often without even an emergency visit.

The Natural Bioenergetics Self Help Certificate is a 6 month program that is designed to give you a firm foundation in bio-energetic healing with enough specific corrections that you can handle all of the daily stresses that life throws at you. It provides you with all the self care and first aid techniques that will keep you and your family healthy.

The program includes:

  • 1 self-directed module (Living in Balance) to be completed firstherbs
  • Western Herbals for self-care -1/2 day-includes full color herb book and procedure manual
  • 3 Four-day Intensive hands-on training workshops in Calgary (HK 1-3 held starting April 17-20, 2016)
  • Manuals, resources and basic supplies with each course (as always, there are extras, goodies, and tools beyond the basics for those that want to broaden their supply of tools to help themselves)
  • 6 Monthly mentoring calls starting in May. These are held on a Tues evening 7 PM Mountain time and will be recorded so you can listen again if you like. You will submit questions for me to answer as well as review material from the intensives and do some group corrections to help everyone on the call.
  • 1 personal healing session (60 minutes) with me (in person or skype)
  • 1 copy of my book Pushing the Reset Button.
  • Join my private HK Students Facebook group for students to share questions, experiences,  get extra resources, and make friends in the healing community.

So what are you waiting for. Want to learn more, watch for the free webinars.  Email me for me details.

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