What To Expect From Your First Treatment

New Client? Please download the new client intake form.

This form is required for your first visit. Please carefully read and fill it out.

Download Form

Fill in the client intake form for us to discuss with you (find the form here). We will take a thorough history and understand your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual challenges and goals.

We work as an integrated clinic and will respect your choice of therapist, however we will assess and suggest consultations with another therapist in the clinic or work with some of our machines if that is best for you. It is always your choice.

Natural Bioenergetics work is done fully clothed lying seated comfortably with Zoom on your computer, tablet or phone. Be sure you can set your tablet or phone so you can see as you may need both hands and you can’t be holding onto the source of EMFs as we work. On the other hand, Matrix Energetics, Quantum Analyzer (NLS/Hunter), and Radionics do not require your physical presence. We will contact you to gather the required information and samples as needed.

We are firm believers in both education and permission. We will endeavour to answer questions and explain what we are doing as much as possible. We will never do anything without both your conscious and energetic permission.

For this reason please drink water, and eat lightly before your session. If your body is dehydrated or over stuffed we won’t get much done. Avoid known allergens and “garbage” food before coming. Ask us about doing a session on a day that you have other energetic treatments such as acupuncture, chiropractic, Reiki, or other treatments as they may tire the body out too much so that we can’t work.