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About linda easthouse

Hi, I’m Linda Orr Easthouse

I’m a founder of East House Natural Health & author of the best-seller “Pushing the Reset Button” – the busy professional’s guide to a healthy lifestyle you will love.

I’m a Natural Health specialist for over 15 years & is a recognized Advanced Specialist in Natural Bioenergetics, As well as a Radionics Master for the past 10 years as well as practice Matrix Energies.

I use energetic approaches to restore the body, mind, and spirit as well as assists people in taking control of their stresses, establishing healthy patterns, and gaining control over their life. I’ve helped many athletes, executives, and business owners to optimize their performance and outcomes.

I optimize the person’s energy flow to enhance function & performance whether it is health, business, or sports.

Take the first step towards reclaiming your life today!


I work with the energy of the situation that is triggering the stress response to give you the tools to turn off the fight/flight/freeze
/fawn responses so that your other tools will work again. It is that stress response that causes the regression.

NO, though some can be helpful for a period of time. We prefer to work from a nutritional point where food is the medicine and help you make better food choices as well as correct how your body perceives food and the texture, & taste responses that prevent you from eating well consistently.
Yes, because of lot of it is done for you in the background you just have to let yourself be open new the new frequencies you are feeling so your body can make the changes without your conscious attention to it.
No, it will give you control over it so you can use it when appropriate and turn it off when it is not helpful. It gives you control over your brain and helps connect the brain and body back together so you can you both sets of information to be brilliant.
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