Immune System Essentials

It is the time of year when it cold and flu prevention is your best bet. Keep your immune system functioning well to fly through this time of year. Take charge of your health and minimize your down time with the following suggestions for both preventing and treating cold and flu. Ensure your vitamin D is high. Research from Pure North shows that the rise …


Natural Remedies for Inflammation

Inflammation: Signs, Symptoms & Solutions Part 3 Natural Remedies for Inflammation In part one we reviewed how we develop inflammation. In part two we looked at how it affects heart disease and some of the ways to reduce it. Now we are exploring foods that will help you reduce inflammation. I am a firm believer in “Let food be your medicine”. …


Is Reading causing Stress now that school has started?

I want to give a shout out to Mari from Flying Turtle Publishing for hosting an article I wrote about reading stress. Please hop over to her blog to read and comment. School stress is very real and very rough for many kids. Don’t let it get out of control. There is help available.


Our Thoughts Create Our World

I am very pleased to share an article from a friend of mine, Dr Gudrun Frerichs, currently living in New Zealand. She has recently published a delightful book of recipes for loving relationships including some sweets to share with your love. Her discussion on thoughts and what they are useful for is fascinating and right up my alley. I think …

My Peace Place

Little Ones Need Peace Too

In honor of Family Day weekend here in Alberta, I am pleased to bring you a guest blog by a friend. She is an author and publisher that writes books to help kids face stress as well as books for adults. I love her book and thought you would all benefit from seeing it and hearing from her. Please check …


Are you surviving or thriving in today’s toxic world?

Environmental toxins can be found in what you eat, drink, breathe, feel and think. You may not be aware of toxins, but if you want to be healthy, being educated on the latest in toxins is a must! Chronic conditions, like type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease and obesity, may be associated with environmental toxins in your body. I am partnering …