Natural Bioenergetics (NB) Courses

These courses are provided in small groups through webinar and in-person class time. Course dates will be announced as student groups are formed. Please contact Linda to add your name to the list if you wish to be notified of upcoming classes.

Couses must be taken in order.

Natural Bioenergetics (NB) Training

Learn Natural Bioenergetics

Registration: email Linda to register for a course. You will be sent an invoice and instructions.

Courses in Canada are organized by interested practitioners and students. Please email Linda, if you are interested in a course in BC or Alberta.

NB Course List

The Self Care Certificate is a 6-month program that is designed to give you a firm foundation in bio-energetic healing with enough specific corrections that you can handle all of the daily stresses that life throws at you. It provides you all the self-care and first aid techniques that will keep you and your family healthy.

The program includes:

  • 1 self-directed module (Living in Balance) to be completed first
  • Western Herbals for self-care -1/2 day-includes full color herb book and procedure manual
  • 3 Four-day Intensive hands-on training workshops in Calgary (HK 1-3 held Aug 6-9, Oct 22-25, Dec 3-6)
  • Manuals, resources and basic supplies with each course (as always, there are extras, goodies, and tools beyond the basics for those that want to broaden their supply of tools to help themselves)
  • 6 Monthly mentoring calls starting one month prior to the first Intensive. These are held on a Tues evening 7 PM Mountain time and will be recorded so you can listen again if you like. You will submit questions for me to answer as well as review material from the intensives and do some group corrections to help everyone on the call.
  • 1 personal healing session (60 minutes) with me (in person or skype)
  • 1 copy of my book Pushing the Reset Button.
  • Join my private HK Students Facebook group for students to share questions, experiences, get extra resources, and make friends in the healing community.
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The NB System

NB1: “Introduction to the NB System”

Prerequisite: As a teacher, I recommend you complete the Living in Balance (1 day self-study) before taking NB 1. NB 1 is a rigorous, intense course made more student friendly through completion of the introductory course prior to taking NB1.

Tired of wondering which food you are reacting to? Need to turn off allergy reactions fast? Learn the skills of balancing the body, recognizing what is stressing the body and how to correct it. Also begin the process of healing your fears and stresses. It is designed both for experienced Kinesiologists and for newcomers to Natural Bioenergetics. Learn all of the basic muscle–testing and energy skills needed to use NB with yourself and others. After completing this course you can have your practitioner work up corrections that you will be able to hold at home–saves you time and money!  It offers a balanced combination of lecture / demonstration and hands-on practice.

NB 1  Energy Techniques:

Muscle–testing others and a beginning of self–testing; NB Meridian Energy Balancing and the Body Sequence session structure; the basic NB approach to Psychological Corrections; the BBEI Corrections for eliminating certain primitive fears; Meridian Tracing; an introduction to muscle–testing for the effects of environmental electromagnetism on an individual, and simple tools to reduce those effects, the Adjunctive Activities: work, play, rest, & sleep; the NB Tapping Techniques for eliminating allergies and enhancing tolerance to foods and environmental substances. An extensive manual with our own high–quality illustrations is included.

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Prerequisite: NB1

This Course offers the detailed NB approach to the theory of life energy and how it functions in the human body.

NB 2 Energy Techniques:

The comprehensive SET™ Correction for allergy, tolerance, and detoxification; Energy Corrections for electromagnetic & energy spin imbalances; the use of magnets to speed healing; removal of Tissue Energy Blocks; Mechanism Control Corrections for unblocking the energies of cell membrane receptor sites and enhancing the movement of nutrients through cell membranes; and additional methods for self–testing. The Client–Specified–Issue session structure is introduced. The very extensive Course Manual includes illustrations, Resources List, and copies of a number of Dr. Scott’s magazine articles.

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Prerequisite: NB 2

The foundation for careful, accurate verbal testing skills is laid in NB1 & 2. NB 3 students use and enhance those skills as they use verbal testing to pinpoint client issues and develop profound Psychological Corrections.

NB 3 Energy Techniques:

Energy Corrections for pain, external & internal scars, & phantom sensations; Psycho-physiological Corrections; Energy Flow Balancing Corrections for Thinking Modes; new Psychological Corrections: the Being / Not–Being & Gerund structures. The Issue & Facet Analysis skills are studied in depth.

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Prerequisite: NB 3

The Points / Operations Matrix is the essence of NB. With time, patience, and creativity, anyone can rediscover all the NB Energy Corrections for themselves using this elegant, efficient tool. NB4 also offers a detailed comparison & contrast of the NB Energy Corrections, Energy Toning, & Adjunctive Factors.

NB 4 Energy Techniques:

The Points / Operations Matrix; Affirmations, NB style; Reactivation: an energy “On Switch”; the NB Energy Toning Movements; new Psychological Corrections: the Concept / Experience & “I” Items Factors; Energy Alignment; Energy Corrections to facilitate sensory perception; using Life Transformers™ for Energy Corrections & Energy Toning.

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Prerequisite: NB 4

NB 5 Energy Techniques:

Seven more Psychological Correction structures, including Fears & Phobias; an NB Chakra Correction; the Body Position Memory Correction; Corrections for direct & peripheral sensory perception; correcting energy imbalances involved with the process of remembering & understanding; Emotions Training; Focused Energy Redirection; a consideration of exercise, and Vital Energy.

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Prerequisite: NB 5

NB 6 Energy Techniques:

We consider certain tools in this Course, mostly used in the Points / Operations Matrix concept learned in NB 4: Aromatic Substances, Essences, Homeopathics, and Woods. Also, additional Energy Redirection Factor corrections, Psychological Structures, Energy Toning procedures, and Adjunctive Factor items. New Factors include the Temperament Factor and the Age Identity Factor. Indexing and other topics are also included.

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Prerequisite: NB 6

We consider additional tools in this class, mostly used in the Points / Operations Matrix concept: sound / music, light / color. New Factors include Cultural Demands, and Critical Life Concepts. Also additional Psychological Structures and Adjunctive Factor items.

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Prerequisite: NB 7

A new major Factor: Unification Structures (eleven of them). Also Environmental Factor: Personal Space. More Energy Flow Balancing, Energy Toning, Psychological Structures, and Psychological Processes. Cosbats.

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Prerequisite: NB8

Using Essential Priorities as an Issue, Metabolic Blocks. Using electronic pulsers, Colloidal Silver and Ozonated Water. More Psychological Structures and Psychological Processes, More Critical Life Concepts.

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Prerequisite: NB 6, 7, 8, 9. Four day Course.

Without NB 7 or 8 there will be parts of the Course you may not fully comprehend. This Course is required for Advanced Certification in NB. No other Course covers this material.
Extensive discussion of NB’s underlying Theoretical Structure, the NB energy model. Three new approaches to Energy Analysis: NB Energy Model, Meridian Energies, and Subtle Energies (meta-analysis). Gemstones, and gemstone programming. More Psychological Processes and Psychological Structures. A licensing agreement must be signed in order to attend this Course.

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Why study NB?

It’s easy to learn
Although NB is a very profound therapy which creates lasting positive changes for clients, is very easy to learn. You don’t need any previous knowledge. All the theory and the energy awareness is taught to you during the courses. You learn a new procedure and then you practice what you have just learned in class under supervision. So you build up your skills and knowledge, step-by-step.

Recognized Professional Training

The Natural Bioenergetics (NB) Studies training program is recognized as one of the advanced professional trainings in Kinesiology. It is recognized by the Canadian Association of Specialized Kinesiology (CanASK) as well as Natural Health Practitioners of Canada (NHPC).

Practicing Professionally

Through the training you will develop all the skills you need as a Kinesiologist and once you have passed your assessment for NB and been certified as a practitioner in Canada you can apply to CanASK/NHPC as an insured practitioner. Specialized Kinesiology is in the process of becoming a registered modality in Canada.
Like all the Kinesiologies, Natural Bioenergetics (NB) works at an energy level to bring the client’s energy system into harmony and balance.

How are we different from what you already do?

  • Before we work we balance the energy system on 3 levels – physiologically, psychologically and electro-magnetically by using the NB Meridian Energy Balance procedure. The MEB brings the body into balance quickly and efficiently.
  • We ask energy permission to work to deal with the client’s concerns and help them achieve their goals.
  • We ask verbal questions of the mind/body in order to establish the best healing pathway for the client.
  • We always hold across the coupled meridians when doing energy correction factors.

In Natural Bioenergetics (NB) the therapist examines many factors

  • Energy Correction factors where stress, both physical and subtle, locked anywhere in the system is released by highlighting the stress in as simple a way as possible and holding the acupuncture circuits that will ‘retune/correct’ or release the stress
  • Energy Toning factors to help strengthen existing energy pathways
  • Adjunctive Factors to help support the physical body while the healing is processed
  • Energy Redirection Factors which concentrate energy into a specific area to speed up healing or if clients continue to manifest an inappropriate or maladaptive energy reaction to a certain stimulus and ERF allows the body to recognize the new options available to it.
  • Environmental factors
  • Toxicity factors
  • Intrusive Energies

As part of your training in NB you will be required:

  • to work on ‘clients’ using the NB menu in order to provide 20 hours of case studies; you are not able to charge for the NB sessions
  • provide evidence of 15 hours study of the NB manuals and preparation of your Resource Book and Journal

We hope you will join our team of dedicated practitioners and that you find, as we do, that NB is an exciting therapy that has limitless possibilities and is tailored to each person’s unique needs.